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Poodle standard

The country of origin: France
Date of publication o the original valid standard: 06.03.2007
Use: Companion breed
Classification according to FCI: Group 9 Companion and Toy dogs, section 2 poodle, without working trial.


Etymologically, the French word “caniche” (Poodle) comes from “cane”, the French word for a female duck. In other countries, the name of the breed is associated with splashing around in water. Originally, this dog was used for wildfowling. It descents from the Barbet of which it has conserved many characteristics. In 1743, it was called the “caniche”: the female of the barbet in French. Thereafter he Barbet and the Caniche (Poodle) were gradually separated. Breeders worked hard to obtain original subjects of uniform color. The Poodle became very popular as a companion dog because o its friendly, joyful and loyal character and also because of its four sizes and different colors which everyone can choose according to preference.

General appearance

Dog of medium proportions, with a characteristic frizzy coat which is either curly or corded. The appearance is that of an intelligent dog, constantly alert and active, harmoniously built, giving an impression of elegance and pride.


A dog renowned for its loyalty, capable of learning and being trained thus making it a particularly pleasant companion dog.


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The complete information regarding the standard of poodle modified to date of 23rd of January 2015 you can find HERE

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