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Why poodle?

When I moved with my boyfriend moved to a three roomed flat, to have a dog buddy was out of a question. Yet we will not mistreat him in a flat. Such a dog needs space for playing around etc. These were the main reasons which I was repeating again and again and I was trying to convince myself that having a dog in a flat is not possible for us. I was asking my boyfriend “And you wouldn´t like to have a dog?” and he kept answering that if we would have lived in a house then we could have even three dogs, but that dog does not suit to the apartment. But because we were violently resisting it, so happened something that was inevitable: after all we started to seriously consider having a dog.

We had several criteria: the dog should not shed hair, we wanted a large breed and it should be a good dog buddy with an easygoing nature. When you put together all these requirements and you add the intelligence, always having a good mood, elegance and beauty, a STANDARD POODLE will come out of it.

In March 2014 we finally went for our first poodle girl: Angel Innocent Kiss´n´go (Arwen). And because never is a long day, our family has become bigger in October 2014 because we got a second poodle girl: Britany Bilá říše. Now we have three girls. From first litter stay at home girl: Amarea.

We are from Czech republic, town Ostrava. From the 22nd of February 2016 we have our Breeding Kennel :-)

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